Love is for the Strong.


I’ve always been the one that loves too much too quickly.  From people & places to ideas & dreams bigger than the sea.  I hold deeply in my heart a fierce love for people. The one thing I’ve never shied away from was the chance to love.

God showers us in an unexplainable love that shifts the fabrics of reality.  No matter how hard I try, my love will never be capable of such wonders.  I have spent a long time pouring out my deepest wells to people, all the while quietly whispering, “if I love them enough this… if I love them enough that…”  The harsh reality I faced is I was the one needing to be loved.  I ignore my own insecurities and brokenness, so I loved others without God’s guidance.  Yes, my love will bring joy, comfort, and so much more to those in my life, but no longer will I think it can weave their life together as beautifully as the Lord.

One of the biggest things God is teaching me in this season is about love.  The Lord is teaching me to be on guard.  Whether it be friends, family, a significant other, I need to protect my heart.  You see, growing up does not require us to love any less, but it does require us to love wisely.  God has asked me to love wisely because, too often I think my love will fix it.  The loneliness, the brokenness, the sorrow…  It may help, but it will never heal like the love of the Father.

The Lord has asked me to love Him with every fiber of my being & love my neighbor as myself.  I need to love myself fiercely & tenderly, with boundaries & honesty.  These things will not only keep me healthy, but will build a solid framework on how to love others.  Author & speaker Bob Goff encourages people to “give love away like you’re made of it.”  I love this quote because we are made of love.  We bear the image of God, the God of Love, we are an expression of His love.  In order to fully express the love God has called me to, I need to guard my heart.

But don’t get it twisted, Jesus’ love was radical.  He threw Himself into the midst of heartache & pain.  Jesus showed us that if you love, you will suffer.  But you’ll never live a fulfilling life without it.

Love is work. Love is sacrifice. Love is humbling. Love is not for the faint of heart.

Love is for the strong.

So where do we find balance?  How do we live a life filled with a healthy does of love & a healthy dose of guarding your heart?  You live out the gospel, that’s how.

You get your heart & soul wrapped up in the Creator of all, you commit to doing His will, and He will give you an abundantly loving life.  He will ask you to love people that are hard to love.  He will ask you to pour out your deepest wells to people, but if you’re drinking from Living Water you never have to worry.  Not only will He heal you, He’ll take it one step further & redeem it for His own glory.  He will use your suffering in His love story to humanity.

You are made for love.  You are made of love.  You are loved.
Now go love the world like Jesus said to.
You’ll never be the same.



thanks for the photo unsplash

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